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The Whistle Copter has a PATENT No. 9279646

Whistlecopter Unveils Its Latest Toys at Flashcopter.com Online Toy Store Located in Miami Florida. We sell Wholesale Led Copter , slingshots, Whistlecopter PATENT, helicopter

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Whistlecopter toy store have affordable, modern, funky, unique and cool kids toys. We have wide range of toys and games for your kids, You can buy it for your kids on their Birthday or You can gift them to others. Our toys came up in Nice Stylish Packaging. We have different toys for different occasion like Birthday parties toys , christmas toys, festival night time park, Events or Any Occasions. Call Today  305-785-4048

Most of our customer love to buy our toys because they are very safe for their kids and are made from Unbreakable material. Kids Loves to play with our toys. Our Nighttime LED Glowing Light Slingshot Toy is very popular around the kids in florida, Because it can go up to very long height with Great Flight, So kids have FUN time with them. Our toys are selling like hot cakes.

Playing is really important for your kids. It helps in physical and mind development. it is a wonderful teacher. Through play, It helps develop language and social skills. We will help you to find the perfect toy for your kids.We provide different payment options. Our payments are very secure, You can either pay through Paypal or By Card. So feel free to buy it and Give happiness to your kids by giving them their favorite toy.

We provide free shipping orders above 40 dollars. We have very fast shipment service. You will receive your orders with in 48 hours. You can Return order at any time and your money will be refunded. So why are waiting for. Just buy the favorite toys for your kids and Fulfill their dreams and have good time with your happy family.

We are also looking for Venders. Who can buy toys in Bulk order. So they have great opportunity too. Please email us at info@whistlecopter.info

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